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The Loudest Firecrackers Ever Made

M80's - Illegal Firecrackers

A legend in time. M80's, the loudest firecrackers ever made. Highly sought after even today, this pyrotechnical wonder amazed many, mamed several and even caused death to a few, has become a thing of the past. It only took a few to decide the many no longer needed to riminess over its amazing effects. The boom could be heard for quite a distance away, sounded like something big just exploded and it did. Some would say it was equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite, others were just amazed at the sonic type boom it produced. The  M80's became illegal in the US in 1966, shortly after that, in 1970 it was outlawed. Laws were passed that made it illegal  to possess, sell or discharge M80's in the United States. M80's will forever be missed in the pyrotechnics world, but never forgotten. Check out all the current types of firecrackers you can legally buy in our Fireworks Store.

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