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Questions & Answers
About Fireworks Store Online

1.  How does sell fireworks for the lowest prices online compared to store front competitors? Questions & Answers

     Answer: When buying fireworks from this website, your fireworks are coming directly from the importers warehouse. These are the same warehouses that  supply the stores, stands and tents in your neighborhood.

2.  Does sell fireworks by the piece? Questions & Answers

      Answer: Our website sells fireworks by the case. Dealing directly with the importers allows our company to buy in larger quantities, ship nationwide and buy at the lowest prices possible.  We pass the savings on to our customers which allows you to get "Many More Bangs For Your Bucks".

3.  Can you guarantee that all items will be in stock when we order? Questions & Answers

      Answer: Depending on the size of the order and when the order is placed, determines the order fulfillment ratio. 100% fulfillment  would depend on the items ordered, what time of year it is ordered and how long the customers is willing to wait for their order to be filled. You should expect 60% to 75% fulfillment's in most cases. Any substitutions that are made are of equal or greater value of the same category of items. 

4.  When is the best time to order and receive the highest fulfillment ratio? Questions & Answers

      Answer: Orders being placed for the 4th of July for fireworks, should be placed in April or May to received the highest fill ratio. Orders for New Years Eve celebration should be placed in late October or at the latest, early November. Orders can be placed within 10 days of any major holiday and be received prior to that celebration day, but expect substitutions in fulfilling your order. 

5.  Does ship directly to your door? Questions & Answers

      Answer: All orders are shipped via commercial carrier or truck lines. Fireworks cannot be shipped via US Postal service or UPS. In some cases, commercial carriers are not allowed in certain residential area's and a terminal pickup may be required closest to its destination. Business addresses are preferred destinations, residential and or lift truck services will be subject to additional freight charges and must be paid prior to shipment. 

6.  Does ship to all states? Questions & Answers

      Answer: Our importers are licensed to ship to most states. Some states require special permits or licenses to receive or accept fireworks in their state. Check your state laws before placing any order to make sure fireworks are allowed where you are intending to have them shipped. Some shipping locations may require additional shipping charges and must be paid prior to any order being shipped. 

7.  Is there a minimum order? Questions & Answers
      Answer: Yes, we have a low minimum for a party to buy fireworks by the case. Free Fireworks Shipping is offered on orders that surpass the free shipping threshold which is approximately 25 cases of fireworks mix or match. 

8.  Can we substitute items that are not in stock?Questions & Answers

      Answer:  Our company makes every attempt to fill each order with the items requested. If an order has out of stock items, we reserve the right to substitute an item(s) of equal or greater value. We will contact you as soon as we know which item(s) are out of stock and offer items of equal or greater values prior to shipping. Once an order is pulled and scheduled for shipment, no substitutions will be allowed.  

8.  How long does it take to receive my order? Questions & Answers

      Answer: We ship orders based on fulfillment. Some orders will ship within 3  business days. Depending on the size of the order and it's destination will determine the shipping dates. Most orders ship within 10 days,  Customers may request we hold a prepaid order waiting for stock arrivals of certain items.  We only sell "FRESH" or recently manufactured fireworks!

9.  Will my order be shipped from the warehouse closest to my receiving address?Questions & Answers

      Answer: Not necessarily. Orders may be shipped from any warehouse in the US. in an attempt to fill the order.  Shipping cost is F.O.B unless the order qualifies for the "Free Fireworks Shipping" option which in some cases fireworks can be shipped from the east coast to the Rockies for the same cost as shipping within a state. 

10.  Do fireworks have a shelf life?Questions & Answers

         Answer: YES, fireworks are like gasoline. Unless properly stored, they can lose their octane or can become unstable and dangerous.  Moisture along with many other factors take their tolls on the performance of fireworks. Fireworks stored in perfect conditions may have a two year or more shelf life.  Buying directly from our website helps eliminate the outdated fireworks or dud fireworks issue. Our inventory is current all the time.  We sell FRESH fireworks!

11.  Can I inquire about in stock items before I place an order? Questions & Answers

          Answer: Yes, email us on our contact page with the items of interest and we will run an inventory check at the warehouse closest to your shipping location.

12.  Can I cancel my order?

          Answer: Do to the nature of our business, ALL FIREWORKS SALES are FINAL. We do not accept cancellations or returns. ​

13. Does accept cash payments?


         Answer: Only warehouse pickup orders can pay cash at the time of pickup. All orders placed online must be made with a Credit or Debit Card. Pickup orders placed online and paid with a credit or debit card, must present the card used with ID before the warehouse will release an order. Paypal accounts are accepted when verified. When placing an order other than Paypal, a screen shot or photo of a state issued ID will be required along with a photo of the front and back of the card used. Documents are to be submitted at the time of order. All information must match. No exceptions. 


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