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Can You Buy Fireworks Online
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Can you buy fireworks online? The answer to that question depends on where you live. The majority of states in the United States have legalized the sale of fireworks for celebration purposes. But there are a handful that still do not allow patriots to participate in the freedoms of our independence. Most claim it is because of safety reasons. But those same states still allow the sale and use of bicycles that hurt and kill more people in one year than many years of the use of fireworks. Can You Buy Fireworks Online?  Well, the majority of states who do not allow fireworks will make some exceptions. If you obtain permit prior to purchase you may be in luck. It really makes one wonder what the real reason is behind the prohibited sales of fireworks. There are a few "major" fireworks importers who ship fireworks to the majority of the states. Several of the smaller importers do not pay the state to play license to do so. Of course, we all know you must grease the wheel. So, Can You Buy Fireworks Online? Well, it's all about the money and who is willing to contribute to the money machine. Sales determine who ships where in the United States. States like New York, Maryland and New Jersey have finally decided their citizens are smart enough now to have safe and sane fireworks. California is also in that same category. Remember, it's all about "safety" according to them. Certain states like Massachusetts, Washington DC, Rhode Island and Delaware feel their citizens just don't have enough upstairs to light off sparklers. So, can you buy fireworks online? Depends on where you live and if you need a permit or not. Even in states where fireworks are considered to be illegal, one may apply for a single use permit from their local government agency responsible for issuing permits. Allow plenty of time for processing when applying to any public agency. Things you will need before you apply. Proof of insurance! It is a MUST. Proof you are competent to discharge fireworks! Well, that is a loaded question for sure. Best competence in a PGI certified pyrotechnical course completion certificate. You will also need a good supply of fireworks. Like some canister shells, 500 gram cake, 200 gram starter cakes or a couple of good firework show samplers. Buy fireworks online for the biggest savings and best firework shows. You can also visit our Firework: Fireworks Store page for a guide to what each category consist of. In conclusion, you can buy fireworks online in most all the states, but some will require a permit to possess and discharge them. Don't get discouraged, it all about politics and has nothing to do with celebrating what our forefathers made possible for all of us to enjoy! Good Luck and Light Up the SKIES! Freedom Clearly is NOT FREE! Visit our Youtube channel for a complete selection of awesome fireworks videos.

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