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Canister Shells Excalibur

King Arthur
Sir Lancelot
Excalibur Platinum Artillery Shells
Excalibur Fireworks Artillery Shells

Canister Shells Excalibur in the number one selling artillery shell of all time. Always imitated but never duplicated.  Over a decade of nothing but the highest quality materials go into the making of the outstanding firework canister shells. Each shells contains 60-grams of the best powders money can buy. Each box comes with 24 different awesome effects. Included are the exclusive heavy duty HDPE firework shooting tubes, the safest shot tubes on the market today. Canister Shells Excalibur, there is only one! Fireworks for sale near me: fireworks stores offer free fireworks shipping on qualified quantity orders. All fireworks ship warehouse direct to your door, no knockoffs, overstocked, discontinued or leftover merchandise. Canister Shells Excalibur is the name you can trust. 

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