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Unleash an Epic Light Show with Excalibur Platinum Artillery Shells

Excalibur Platinum Canister Shells

Excalibur platinum artillery shells, top selling firework mortars from the same World Class selection of the famous, #1 selling original Excalibur shells.  Don't be dupped by fake knockoffs making claims to be "just as good" when reality is they are not even close. There is only one patented Excalibur brand fireworks artillery shell. With Excalibur Platinum artillery shells you get superior qualify in all phases of production, from the powders, paper and top-quality fuses.  Find fireworks stores near me at our online fireworks shop site. 

  • Contains 24 unique 5" shells

  • Breaks over 250ft high and 200ft wide

  • 4 - HDPE tubes for unsurpassed safety and optimal conditions for the artillery shell launch

Excalibur Platinum Artillery Kit is the new 5" shell version of the infamous Excalibur, the best-selling firework for over a decade.  The 5" Excalibur Platinum features larger color stars and different color/effect combinations compared to the original.  Visit our blog for more information about canister shells and the variables. 

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