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5 Inch Shells

5-inch shells come in many different brands. The top selling fireworks would be the Excalibur Platinum and the Growler fireworks canister shells. Both carry the World Class fireworks label as the brand name. Proven for over a decade, Excalibur mortar shells have been the favorite amongst fireworks enthusiasts. Canister shells in general are the biggest firework devices consumers can purchase. Fireworks shells are limited on the consumers end to how much explosive powder can be in each device. Some smaller canister shells have 40 - grams of powder while the 5-inch shells have up to 60 - grams of powder depending on which brand you choose to purchase. Fireworks shops sells only top graded 5 - inch shells and offer free fireworks shipping on qualified quantity orders. No knockoffs discontinued or overstocked merchandise. All orders are shipped warehouse direct to your door. Buy fireworks online free shipping on qualified orders. 

Excalibur Platinum 5" Canister Shells
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