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"Roman Candle Showdown: Comparing Our Top Favorites"

When it comes to one of the favorite fireworks specialities roman candles are on the top of the list.Taking a look at the availability of all the different types of candles requires a Roman Candle Showdown. Let's break the all down starting from the basic roman candles all the way to the monster sized large capacity candles.

Basic Roman Candles

Common roman candles sold today come in a couple different configurations.

  1. Five Ball Candles

  2. Ten Ball Candles

Which in theory this means the candle will shoot out five or ten different effects in each candle ignited. The casing of the candle is most likely going to be compressed cardboard filled with Bentonite, a clay substance used in between each discharge of effects. A fireworks effect which may be crackles, a star or some other popular combination followed by a report. Black powder is used to ignite whatever effect is in the material makeup of the roman candle along with a fuse protruding from the top of the candle. Below pictured are common roman candles available at most fireworks stands and stores.

Specialty Roman Candles

As one adventures into the high tech roman candles, there are many specialty roman candles on the market today. High capacity candles, rapid fire candles and roman candles so large, they actually have a spike built right into the bottom of the candle to help them stay upright in the ground. It's a good idea to always secure these candles in other ways in addition to the spike at the bottom of the roman candle. Below will be pictures and links to guide you to these roman candles and their description and which fireworks stores offering the for sale.

Safety Practices with Roman Candles

Never point a roman candle at a person, building or any structure where an injury or fire could transpire. Roman Candles, like all fireworks can be very dangerous if not properly used in accordance with all the label warnings. All keep fire fighting apparatus nearby. A garden hose, fire extinguisher, bucket fill with water. Never attempt to relight and roman candles that does not go off on the first attempt. Soak it in water for thirty minutes and discard it properly. Safety should always be your first concern with lighting any type of fireworks. Find the largest selection of Roman Candles available today at

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