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Mom & Pops Shops CLOSED!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The destruction of patriotism is alive and growing. A recent road trip revealed that Mom and Pops shops will no longer be able to survive the mismanaged economy and extremely poor choices certain select groups of people have made. The "backbone" of America is clearly intentionally being broken. Being able to find fireworks near me looks like it is a thing of the past. From the border of Alabama to the Gulf shores, ZERO fireworks stores were stocked or even open for business. Gates closed and locked, lights out! Gas prices at record highs even in the poorest states in America. Beyond the words of SAD! Patriotism, (known to some as FREEDOM) it's what many of your ancestors gave their lives for you to be able to enjoy. Having the extra cash to celebrate an American tradition and shopping in a fireworks store near me facility looks bleak at best. Alabama always has been known for its liberal fireworks laws. Fireworks stores are in almost every town and spotted all along the way of well-traveled roadways. Not anymore! Will Independence Day celebrations become a thing of the past? What makes Independence Day what it is? FIREWORKS.... Well, welcome to America in 2022! July 4th has a purpose, a very serious purpose, Your Independence, which you wouldn't have today if others would have not given the ultimate sacrifice. So many gave it all so YOU could live with certain freedoms and for each one of us to be able to celebrate our INDEPENDENCE!

Support your local Mom and Pop shop if they are able to survive the toughest times in 60 years. If your favorite shop is closed, we ship warehouse direct to your door.


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