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500 Gram Cakes Or 200 Gram Cakes?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

How to choose from the big box fireworks cakes and the smaller sized fireworks cakes. Both have their place in the fireworks world. Deciding how each device in going to be presented will help to determine which one or ones we will need to purchase. The cost will make the decision on how many of each with be purchased. Are the 500 gram cakes actually better? That will depend on what type of effects, how many shots and how long of a fireworks display we are looking to get from the cash spent. Let's dive into why, how, when and where on these amazing sky lighting firework devices.

First, let's start with the 200 gram multiple shot repeaters cakes. Known to those who work with fireworks, these are called "show starters" or fillers. Small but many can be mighty in their effects. Used as fillers in between the larger cakes to take up time or add minutes into a fireworks show. Fused together, these 200 gram cakes can put on quite a presentation compared to the more expensive 500 gram repeater. Shopping in this category, one can find many of these devices that last almost a minute in its effects. Rapid firing, lower level burst are great fillers in the finale part of a fireworks show. They actually help to fill the sky from the ground up which makes the presentation more attractive to fireworks admirers. Don't under estimate the 200 gram repeater. More shots per your dollar spent, and if done right, it could very well outperform the more expensive larger cakes and save lots of money




Moving into the 500 gram repeater cakes, first of all the price is going to the biggest difference. Larger effects come with a bigger price tag. More powder means more money. Are they actually bigger, well that is in the eyes of the beholder. They may go higher, have larger breaks and different effects than the smaller repeater cakes. Do they make the fireworks show? The majority of the cakes in any fireworks show are 500 gram or larger because of what they do, how they perform and where you place them in your presentation. They are the bigger effects, larger burst and louder bangs in fireworks. As far as lasting longer than their predecessors the 200 gram cake, many can last longer than a minute or more. The longer they last is usually a sign of the slower the effects after the fuse is ignited. 500 gram cakes can make up an entire fireworks display for the backyard pyro. The 500 gram finale cakes are usually limited to only 9 shots with much larger breaks and louder reports (bangs) the opening of the effect in the sky. If your working on a tight budget, there are several repeaters in this class that can be economical to use to celebrate your next fireworks event.



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