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The Thunder Bomb Firecrackers by Boomer Fireworks are the perfect way to make a bang this summer! These firecrackers come in packs of 12/80/16, and are made with the highest quality materials for the most reliable and loudest bang. They feature thicker paper, higher grade powders, and predictable fuse burn times, all backed by our rigorous manufacturing and testing process - so you can be sure you're getting the best quality firecrackers on the market. Get ready for a summer of fun with Thunder Bomb Firecrackers.


12 Wraps Of 80 Packs Of 16 Crackers - 15,360 Total Firecrackers

Thunder Bomb Firecrackers 16 Pack

SKU: 1000501
272,72$ Precio
124,59$Precio de oferta
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