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Introducing Firecrackers by Thunder Bomb 50 Count Packs from Boomer Fireworks! These top-of-the-line generic firecrackers are made with high-grade explosives, thick paper wraps, and longer fuses for a louder bang and a predictable fuse burn time. Boomer Fireworks' special manufacturing and testing processes ensure a low number of duds for the best firecracker experience. Get your ThunderBomb Firecrackers 8/40/50 today and get ready to make some noise.


8 Wraps Of 40 Of 50 Crackers Each - 16,000 Total Firecrackers

Firecrackers by Thunder Bomb 50 Count Packs

SKU: 1000502
165,60$ Precio
88,32$Precio de oferta
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